3 Killer Ways To Improve Your Website Speed

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Site speeds in 2020 are more important than ever. We can’t stress enough what an impressive statistic your overall online presence and digital strategy is. In particular, it has a major influence on desktop and mobile SEO rankings, with its effects on the content ratings, paid advertising on Google and, most importantly, overall user experience and conversion. 

At the end of the day, sluggish websites would have a low number of conversions, a high rate of bounce and a limited number of pages per visit. Since no one has the patience to wait to load a website, a slow website clearly means people are going to bail out. This is much more relevant for businesses as there is a long conversion funnel on the website. There is often a drop-off when a conversion funnel has many steps and sections, but the drop-off is amplified when you already have a slow website and users are trying to get through a more complex conversion funnel.

The reason site speed is a ranking factor is that, in the first place, it is a symbol of quality user experience. A fast page speed will contribute to a better user experience, while a slow page speed will lead to a poor user experience. Usually, if the speed of the web is greater, a user stays longer on a site, and they therefore move faster, bouncing less. For those reasons, Google has made it a ranking factor.

Reason Why Your Website Slows Down

The key to improving efficiency and making better long-term decisions is to know what slows your website down.

A slow website means that users can be leaving the website before it even loads.

In addition, Google and other search engines have also begun to penalize slower websites by moving them down in the search results which means lower traffic for slow websites.

To sum up, if you want more traffic, subscribers and sales from your website, then you have to make FAST of your website!

The 3 key reasons behind a slow WordPress website are:

1. Choosing The Best Web Hosting

The basic definition of web hosting is about as straightforward as it gets: it is a service that provides the infrastructure that allows a person to publish a website. A web hosting company usually pays a monthly fee that includes a domain name, storage of website pages, and a server that allows the subscribing person to have general internet access and a web browser. 

In deciding how easily your website loads, web hosting plays a critical role. The speed at which your website is loaded into a server is an essential driving factor for your website, known as web speed.

The word web speed has become increasingly popular after Google announced that it would consider web speed as a ranking metric for websites. It is therefore necessary to ensure fast loading of your website to be ranked in the top positions on the Google search results. 

There are a lot of web hosting services out there, but it may seem hard to decipher the good from the bad. So we’ve put some of the finest web hosting services here that will show you the highest quality of online business support.

a) Ozlon Web Hosting

A successful shared hosting company like Ozlon takes the extra steps to maximize the efficiency of your website.

Ozlon was built so that companies like you, who aren’t programmers and don’t know how to set up hosting, can use us to set up hosting within our platform, easily.

It provide with the following things which are very essential for any of the website to load faster.

  • Cpanel Access
  • Automated Backups
  • Free SSL Security
  • WordPress Password Recovery
  • In house SSL Certificate
  • Performance Based Web Optimization
  • Security
  • Real-Life Human Beings
  • Award-Winning Support

b) Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost has the best uptime, fast charging speed, and offers a full package at a competitive price.
It is also beginner-friendly and an extensive knowledge base that is easy to consume, and constantly improving technical support make 

Bluehost a perfect host for start-ups and small business owners who are building their own websites.

Bluehost has also handled WordPress, VPS, and dedicated strategies for high-performance and traffic-intensive websites for experts.

  • FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress
  • Install 24/7 Support

Click here to visit- Bluehost Web Hosting  

2. Image Optimization

Images carry the information to individuals and help to promote contact. Researchers have discovered that using colorful graphics increases the likelihood of people reading your content by 80%. But, if your illustrations are not optimized, they may harm more than just support. In fact, one of the most common speed problems we see on websites for beginners is non-optimized images. 

Before uploading a picture directly from your phone or camera, we suggest you use photo editing software to customize your pictures for the Internet. These pictures can have large file sizes in their original formats. But, depending on the image file format and the compression you select for your editing program, you can reduce your image size by up to 5x.

Just two file formats can be used: JPEG, and PNG.

The format of the PNG images is uncompressed. This loses some information when you compress an image, so an uncompressed image with more detail will be of higher quality. The downside is it’s a bigger file size so loading takes longer.

On the other hand, JPEG is a compressed file format that marginally decreases image quality but is considerably smaller in size.

3. Choosing The Right Plugin

You don’t want loading time to spoil anything because you’ve already spent a lot of time in quality content, website design and organisation.Not only can you produce good results in terms of page views and conversions by speeding up your website, but you can also have improved user experience for your visitors too.

Statistics suggest most users are leaving a page to load for more than 3 seconds.This is why we give you the best plugins in this article to speed up the loading time for your website.

Using different mechanisms these plugins speed up your page’s load speed

a) Wp Fastest Cache

When you’ve created a beautiful website that gets more and more reviews every moment, because of the high traffic, you certainly don’t want it to slow down. 

WP Fastest Cache is a great solution to this problem. 

This plugin will create a static HTML file. Because of this, rather than continually building the website, more users get to the same static link.

b) Wp Super Cache

One of the most widely used WordPress caching plugins available is WP Super Cache. 

Compression gzip, page cache, pre-load cache, CDN support, advanced cache reload, and more are all required caching functions to speed up your website. 

From your WordPress Dynamics site, this plugin generates static HTML files. After an HTML file is developed, your web server will support the file, instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP files.

c) Wp Rocket

WP Rocket is possibly the best plugin on WordPress for results. 

Along with a bunch of features you ‘d probably not expect, you get all the caching functionality you ‘d expect. 

The easiest and most beginner-friendly caching plugin is WP Rocket, which is of great assistance when it comes to setup processes. It includes features that you will normally need to install a few extra plugins for. You get, for example, lazy image loading, database optimization, and even hosting Google Analytics code on your own website.

Bottom Line

Before it even gets a chance, pace is the one thing that can destroy all the hard work you put into creating your website. Since today’s web users are an anxious crowd, loading speed is crucial to your website’s success. 

A faster website increases the experience of users and allows people to visit more pages. It will also increase visibility and help users spend time on the website. 

With hundreds of other websites just one click away, you always need to get a customer’s attention. It’s just a matter of seconds before your tourists decide that the effort is not worth your website, and flee back to Google, where they can eventually find their way to your competition.

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