7 Easy Steps to Start a WordPress Blog the RIGHT WAY in (2020)

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Online blog creation with choices like Squarespace, Wix, Blogger and more can be difficult to choose from. A self-hosted WordPress platform has been the most flexible to create a blog if you want full control over your domain.

But if you’re already on this page you ‘re ready to build a blog for WordPress.

Why to choose WordPress for Blogging?

When it comes to the creation of websites, we know that not everyone wants to spend their entire working time structuring an online domain. That’s why we think WordPress is an excellent platform for beginners as well as for techs.

WordPress is free , open, highly customizable and stable. If you are looking for a user friendly digital publishing site, try WordPress. The creation of better customer experience would be a quick win.


Since you’re ready to take the plunge and learn how to create a blog that can evolve into a real online revenue stream, then let’s dive into it.

1. Select The Name And The Niche Of Your Blog

Firstly, it’s time to pick your new blog name and niche.

Your blog name is what readers will notice first (example yourblog.com), so ideally it should portray either the general topics you ‘re going to write about — or it might be your own name, that of your firm, a smart combination of words, or something else.

The niche of your blog is the general theme field in which you will be focusing your content. Examples include topics such as travel, food , fashion, lifestyle, technology etc. Introducing a word or two that clearly shows what your content is about would be of great benefit to your potential blog followers inside the name of your blog.

2. Web Hosting For Your Blog

The second step in starting a blog is getting your blog online. That is what a web hosting service is going to do to you. In this stage, select the blogging platform and web hosting plan that you will be using to get your blog online.

A WordPress blog, hosted by Ozlon, is the combination of blogging platform & web hosting that I personally use (and that most other bloggers do). WordPress is a free blogging site that has been around since 2003 and now accounts for over 60 per cent of all internet blogs. Ozlon is one of the most well-established, reliable blog hosting companies. That combination is what we are going to use to start your blog. Let’s get your hosting setup now.

a) Ozlon Web Hosting

A popular shared hosting firm such as Ozlon takes the extra steps to optimize your website’s performance.

Ozlon has been designed so that companies like you, who aren’t programmers and don’t know how to set up hosting, can easily use us to set up hosting on our platform.

It provides the following items that are very relevant for  loading faster on any website.

  • Cpanel Access 
  • Automated Backups
  • Unlimited Protection with SSL
  • Password Recovery by WordPress
  • SSL Certificate in-house
  • Performance Based Web Optimization
  • Security
  • Award-Winning Support 

Click here to visit-  Ozlon Webhosting

b) Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost has the highest uptime, quick charge speed, and at a reasonable price offers a complete package.

Also it is beginner-friendly and a comprehensive knowledge base that is easy 

to access, making Bluehost a great host for start-ups and small business owners who are creating their own websites.

Bluehost also managed WordPress, VPS, and specialist high-performance and traffic-intensive websites with dedicated strategies.

  • FREE 1st Year Domain Name
  • Certificate FREE SSL included
  • WordPress 1-Click
  • Install assistance 24/7

Click here  to visit- .bluehost.com

3. Customize your WordPress Blog With Free Theme

Usually I do not suggest buying a paid WordPress theme right away when you’re just getting started. If you have some traffic, and can justify the investment, choosing a premium, paid theme with more features and choices is wise.

 For now, however, a complex theme can distract you from your top priority of actually getting readers to your new blog.

WordPress comes with a bunch of free themes to choose from, so start with one of the choices that you like in Appearance > Themes > Add New Theme > Popular without wasting a lot of time on that for now. You can still come back later, and change it.

I prefer either the Hello Theme or Astra (both are 100 % free and can be updated later). I suggest these two WordPress themes as they are both crisp, clean, simple and will get you to a great starting point without having to invest in a paid theme when you launch. You will find more of the other WordPress themes out there later.

4. Creating Your First Blog Post

You ‘re not reading a blog because it looks good, or because they sometimes post it. You read a blog, and what it says is something you care about. Good content development is what will get you readers and let you eventually make blogging rich.

Until you go too far down the road of developing a business plan for the blog, mapping out your strategy for content and writing your first blog post, you have to answer one basic question … Why?

  • Why do you care about the subject that you blog about?
  • Why would other people want to listen to what you say?
  • Why is this a subject you might add value to?

To answer these questions, I like thinking about a blog like every other company, and re-emphasizing the value of having a specific niche.

In order to decide a smart niche to start a blog, ask these questions in:

  • What is your childhood passion or dream that you find exciting?
  • What’s the best part of your day, absolutely?
  • Have you got any hobbies or hobbies you wish to learn?
  • Which is your strongly held value?
  • Which is one achievement you ‘re particularly proud of?

You should have an idea or two for a specific niche you can start writing about right away. If your niche is growing, evolving and changing over time, it’s cool.

5. Promoting and Making Money Through Your Blog

Since we’re well into 2020 we ‘re able to look back and see that last year my blog gave 4.4 million+ readers. We’ll use my experience to go from beginning a blog — to push millions of readers to my content quickly.

If you’ve gone so far, on your journey you will already be in great shape to fine-tune your blog and pick up the fundamentals of compelling content writing.

But there’s one more piece of the puzzle that hardly any other bloggers are speaking directly about: promotion. What do you do on your first blog posts once you press publish? It’s time to get your blog posts promoted.

You need to promote your content heavily if you want to build a popular blog. But where are you going to start? 

Here are some of the easiest ways to share your posts and get them across to new readers

  • Making use of social media to support your blog
  • Blogging on other blogs and websites such as Twitter, Quora & Linkedin
  • Forums and blogger message boards
  • Using an email newsletter to help your blog audience grow

6. Establish An Effective Strategic Plan On Content

The development of a blog content strategy could sound like a complicated, time-
consuming, buzzword-laden process that requires an MBA and a coffee-filled keg. However this is not necessarily.

Here’s how to put together a simple plan on blog content:

1. Define the targets

  • How do you want your blog content to achieve?
  • Is it for driving the traffic and attracting readers?
  • To get people signed up for your newsletter via email?
  • To get others to download a book that you have written, or to enter a paid course?

This target will change as you grow your blog but knowing it early on is still relevant.
When you understand your bigger objective (i.e. why you first chose to start a blog) you will start identifying the mini-wins that will help you get there.

2. Get the readers to learn

The readers decide whether your blog is good or not. So you need to truly consider them to write about them which is why it helps if you’re writing about yourself, too. That at least guarantees one audience.

You’ll be your ideal reader in a lot of situations, which makes this phase easier. But in almost every situation, doing some work into the audience you ‘re writing about is useful.

7. Commit Your Blog To Daily Publishing Schedule

If you want readers to return to your blog regularly, you need to give them a reason for doing so.

Consistency is one of the least known, but most critical aspects of successful blog launch. Therefore, research is supporting this argument.

There are a few reasons why continuity is essential.

1.Establishes your readers’ expectations: 

  • people know when to come back and check out your blog and find new content on a regular basis.

2.Enhance the credibility for yourself:

  • if you miss a couple of days, it can be easy to get out of the habit of daily writing. But, if you plan to publish and stick to a timeline, you know when. For a couple of deadlines in our lives we all do better.
  • Not only this, but publishing lets you regularly check and learn what types of content are working with your readers.

Even if most of your posts don’t go viral, the more you post, the higher the chances that a lot of traffic will be sent to you.

However, when you launch a blog first, there’s a fine line to walk, so you want to set a strict publishing schedule.

You may have a lot of ideas and excitement but over-engaging is the fastest way to destroy both. Alternatively, you can agree to the minimum amount you plan to publish — say once or twice a week — and seek to faithfully adhere to that.

Having a simple calendar of contents becomes so critical here. When you can spend a couple of hours per month planning out all the posts you ‘d like to write, you’ll still know what to do and when it’s due. 

It can be done in a simple Google Doc or by using a tool like Trello that allows you to track posts from idea to writing to publishing and promotion during the entire process.

Much like when you’re going out at the gym or spending money in the stock market — the more diligent you ‘re in investing time in your blog, the greater the returns you ‘re going to get.

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