How Do You Choose Your Hosting Provider?

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For you to gain visitors to your website, it needs to be registered or hosted on the internet. To make this possible, you need a web hosting provider. There are tons of accessible web hosting providers today. Hence, choosing a professional and trusted web hosting provider is very crucial.

The essence of this article is to enlighten you on what web hosting providers offer, how to choose a web hosting provider, and criteria to look into before finalizing your decision.

What Does a Web Hosting Provider Do For You?

Before addressing this, it’s good to know that the three significant factors to choosing a web hosting provider are speed, support, and security.

Since the job of a web hosting provider is to make your service go online, there are three main things they offer;

Domain: Your domain name is your web address through which people visit your website on their browser. It’s the URL address, such as Your hosting provider will allow you to choose your domain, inform you if it’s been taken, and propose available ones to you.

Server: This is the engine that allows your website to go live on the internet. It’s also the intelligence behind traffic coming to your website. A web hosting provider will be responsible for hosting your site on one of their servers so that visitors can gain access to it via the internet. 

Storage Space: Stuff like images, videos, files, codes, and other media will have to be on your website. Your hosting provider will make space available for you to store all the necessary media.

Note that these are just the basic things they offer. However, there are several other things a web hosting provider offers.

Know The Types Of Web Hosting

One thing you mustn’t be confused about is what you want to project to the world through your website. This will help a lot in choosing the right plan offered by web hosting providers. Your idea must be compatible with your plan you want to settle for.

Below are the three major types of web hosting there are;

1. Shared Hosting

Just as the name sounds, shared hosting is a plan that allows your site to share the same server with other sites. Your site coexists with other websites to share resources like disk space, RAM, processor, and bandwidth. However, it is best for personal sites, blogs, and small businesses. 

Shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting, and it’s user-friendly. It also offers website-building tools, but limited support. Most shared plans come with a free domain name. But it’s important to know that if your website generates a lot of traffic, it’s not an ideal type of hosting plan to opt for as it has limited bandwidth.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is suitable for businesses whose sites need more than what’s available on a shared server. It has a larger bandwidth and stays as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Those using VPS still share the same server, but each site has a considerable portion of bandwidth and more extensive control of what happens. However, you would need a tech expert to help build and maintain your website.

It costs more and can handle lots of traffic. If your business is established and expects lots of traffic, go for VPS hosting.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the best for large businesses with high-performing websites. It has a whole server dedicated to power your website. It has all it takes to meet all the needs needed to configure your site. The users have complete control of the security systems, operating systems, load balancers, and more. Hence, there is a chance for full customization.

These perks don’t come cheap as you would probably need a managed service plan to enjoy it. The plan is also quite pricey.

What Resources Do You Need?

This is a vital question to answer before deciding on the web hosting provider to choose. However, there are some relatively simple questions to answer, like:

– How many professional email addresses do you need that end with You might need to put the professional workers in your company to perspective before making this decision.

– How much storage space do you need? You would need to bring the media elements of your company to perspective before deciding. The larger they are, the more space you would need.

– How much bandwidth do you need? You would need to bring the traffic your site generates to perspective here. If your site’s bandwidth is smaller than the traffic it generates, it will crash easily.

What To Look Into In A Professional Web Hosting Provider

Just as your audience would look forward to getting support from you, you should also look into the services and the support your web hosting provider can offer you. Some things to look into are;

Truly Unlimited Plans: Be careful enough to look into the terms and conditions attached to each plan before settling for one. Hence, when they offer unlimited plans, find out whether the plan is genuinely so.

Expert Support Staff: Websites develop technical problems from time to time. Ensure your hosting provider can provide you with quick and professional support to fix issues in this regard. 

High-Quality Resources: You must learn a few things on how to manage your hosted site. Ensure they have enough resources to guide you through some probable technical difficulties so that you don’t have to rely on their technical support always.

Reliability: In a world where hackers try to experiment with different websites, you must ensure that your web hosting provider can guarantee your site’s security, and your site is live on the internet at all times. It shouldn’t be found crashing unnecessarily. Hence, excellent customer support must be what you enjoy from them.


Understandably, you can’t go reading about each tip given by web hosting providers as there are lots of them. Hence, the smart thing to do is to read reviews about the most popular and reliable ones and ensure they meet the requirements that fit into your idea before making your final decision.

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