Why How To Create A Free Website With WordPress

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Time has crossed beyond the days of meeting with website design experts to get a website built for you. These days, you can create a free website and design it for personal or business use without any prior knowledge about coding.

Do you know you can do this with the proper tools and aids? Yes, you won’t have to spend a dime on web designers or pay any agency for it. Hence, this article is to create a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your way through creating a free website with WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular website building platform being used by over 35% of the websites on the internet. Setting up a WordPress site is one of the most natural things you can do as far as you can surf the web.

A Step-by-step Guide

These are the steps you need to follow;

1. Pick a Domain Name
Your domain name is your website’s name and address. It is what allows visitors to get your site when searching for your web online. For instance, the domain name of this blog is ozlon.net.

There are over 2 billion functional websites online today. So, getting a domain name can be fun and challenging at once. However, there are several sites where you can purchase a domain name for about $15 to $50 per year.

There are some tips to follow if you’ve not registered a domain name;
– Do not pick a domain that will be hard for your visitors to spell.
– You could use your name for a personal site (e.g., YourName.com) and your company name for a business site (e.g., YourCompany.org)
– If your reach is to get international, use domain name extensions that are generic, such as; .com, .net, and .org.

2. Get a Web Hosting and Register Your Domain
Web hosting is a platform that hosts and keeps your content up and running on a secure server. Without this service, your site will not be available for others to surf through. However, it usually costs just a dime to have this up and running per month or year.

While there are many domains and web hosting platforms out there, however, for quality security and customer support, we’d recommend Bluehost. For the first year, they give a free domain registration. 

However, if your domain name needs to have a country-specific ending, Bluehost doesn’t offer it. You can visit Domain.com or GoDaddy for creating those kinds of domains.

3. Setting Up WordPress
Setting up WordPress is quite an easy task. Bluehost and many other web hosting platforms have one-click install for WordPress. However, if you employed a web host that doesn’t have this, you can set your site up manually.

If you’re using Bluehost,
– log in to your Bluehost account
– Click on “My Sites” then open “Create Site.”
– There is an easy guide that will allow you to add relevant information about your site. Then the WordPress site creation will happen on autopilot
– After this, your installation will appear as well as your login details (which can be changed at any time)
– You can go ahead to verify your SSL for security purposes. However, Bluehost automatically adds this the moment you create your site.

4. Customize Your Website
Everyone loves their sites to be attractive enough for their visitors and make the look portray what is being communicated. There are simple guides to this also;

– Choose a Theme
There are thousands of both free and paid themes available on WordPress. Except you’re an expert, it is advisable to start with the free ones. They are all of high quality. However, you can spend time surfing those themes to choose the one that fits your taste.

You firstly need to go to the admin dashboard of your WordPress. Go to the “Themes” section; you can search by using “Add New,” or you can go through to check thoroughly before selecting. Click on “Install” and click on “Activate” to make your site have a new look.

– Add a Logo
Everyone loves that unique touch their site carries. Logo happens to be one way to know this. You can get a logo from a graphic designer, or you can create one yourself with tens of free tools online. To add a logo, go to “Appearance” on your admin dashboard. You’d see your theme options, click on it, and click on “Upload Logo.” 

While still on the “Appearance” section, you can decide to change the color scheme, add a sidebar or some widgets. The sidebars are just arrangements and rearrangements of some pages on your site. You can explore this as much as you can.

– Change Title and Tagline
When you created your site, you had a name for it. It can stand as your title. For instance, the title for this site is Ozlon. However, your tagline is a short sentence that describes your site. Click the “save” option at each point of customizing your website.

5. Add Pages to Your Site
Creating web pages on WordPress is very easy and direct. However, there are basic pages 90% of the sites you come across will have;

Home Page: this is the first page that shows up anytime your website is visited. It might serve as a static welcome page for your visitors. You can edit your homepage as well as the texts and images on it.

Blog Page: this contains your recent content on the site. If you’re running a blog, your homepage is going to be your content arranged in chronological order (from the newest to the oldest). Hence, your blog page also serves as your homepage.

About Page: a section describing what your website is all about.

Contact Page: a page that enables your visitors to reach you. You can also use a plugin for this.

Other Pages:
Service Page: a page that allows you to display your service if it’s a company site.

Shop Page: a page you can launch your eCommerce store.

You can add these pages via your admin dashboard. Click on “Page”, then “Add New” and then edit it. Once you’re done, you can publish it to make it live on your site.

6. Create Navigation Menus
For users to easily browse through your website, they need the navigation menu. You can create this on the “Appearance → Menu” section. Name your menu, create it, and add the pages you want under it. Pick the location for your menu and then click on save to have it stored.

Conclusively, you can go back to edit as much as you can anytime, any day. You have now successfully created a free WordPress site without hiring an expert. Congrats, your website is now ready to be launched.

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