How to Deal with WordPress Errors

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Since you’re a WordPress user, you need to be fully aware of its performance capabilities. WordPress is quite easy to use and has helped many people to set up a deep business. However, some hurdles may have interfered with your process of success.

There are numerous WordPress errors, such as WordPress logs, WordPress fatal error, WordPress error page, and more. Managing WordPress pages and dealing with WordPress errors can end life in frustration. Have you ever come across any fatal WordPress errors?

WordPress errors can take place, but don’t worry, they can be resolved quickly.

If you’re looking for a solution to some common WordPress fatal errors or WordPress display errors, you’ve landed on the right page. Within this post, we have included the most common WordPress errors you can find.

We also mentioned the solutions to these errors. So, let’s get going now!

1. The White Screen

There will be times when no error message appears on your WordPress site; instead, a plain white screen is displayed. It is the most disillusioned moment because nobody has any idea what to do with it.

This failure is typically attributed to PHP or database errors, but the most likely explanations for this issue come from the following reasons.

(a) Compatibility problems with the plugin

To solve this problem-

  • Go to Administration screens > Deactivate one-by-one plugins
  • In case you cannot reach the admin screen
  • Login to the site via FTP > Find the folder wp-content / plugins > rename the plugin folder plugins old.

b) Problem of integration theme

If you’ve only activated a new theme or built a new site and have a white screen experience. Simply resolve this issue by-

  • Logging in Administration Screen > Activate the default WordPress Twenty Sixteen / Seventeen Theme.
  • If you can’t access the admin theme    Log on to your site via FTP >go  to wp-content / themes / folder.
  • Now rename the folder and turn on the theme.

(c) Issue with Missing or Renamed Theme Directory

  • Enable wp-login.php or wp-admin/
  • Sign in Administrator
  • When you find a message like: “Directory directory (directory name) does not exist.” Then go ahead and solve this problem.
  • Switch themes to the admin side
  • Please rename your directory
  • Edit records of the theme and style sheet in wp option.

2. Error Of Internal Server

Internal server error, also known as 500 internal server error, is the most common yet troubling WordPress error. You can end up in a state of confusion when you see this error. Because the server is unable to diagnose the issues.

Let us address this issue without further delay:

  • Search the corrupt.htaccess file
  • The first important step you need to take is to rename your main.htaccess file to.htaccess old.
  • Sign on to your site using ftp > Locate the.htacess file.
  • Then rename the .htaccess file
  • Go to Settings > Permalinks and then press Save button
  • And then,
  • Increasing the memory cap of your PHP
  • Deactivate all of the plugins
  • Reload Core Files

3. Error Establishing Database Connection

If the server cannot reach the “Error Establishing A Database Connection” database, it will appear on your computer.

The most likely explanation for this error is when the database access key is changed and the wp-config.php file is improperly configured.

To solve this problem

  • Test the file wp-config.php
  • Access and enable wp-admin to this feature
  • Log in via FTP to your site

Ensure that the following information is right

  • Name of the servers
  • Username of Server
  • Password for database
  • And the host database

If all is set, then something is wrong at the end of the server

  • Check your web server (my SQL server)

Luckily, you’ll solve this issue, but if the problem remains unresolved, contact your host.

4. 404 Error Not Found

Have you ever come across a 404 error?  

It’s the most devastating WordPress bug, but it’s the easiest one to fix. This usually happens due to the settings of incorrect permalinks in WordPress. 

To address this question, follow the guidance below:

  • Go to Settings > Permalink
  • Tap the Save Change button
  • You have successfully changed the settings for permalinks and flushed rewrite rules
  • If the problem is still continues > Manually update your .htaccess file.
  • Only go to the directory of your origin
  • Open and add the following line codes
  • And add it to your .htaccess file.

5. Syntax Error

Syntax error is another common but simple error that occurs while trying to add code snippet to WordPress. This usually happens when someone mistakenly loses a character in the code, number, box, or anything else.

In fact, this is a simple problem with a simple fix. Follow the instructions.

  • Go to your server via FTP > browsing the right file
  • Right-click to edit > find the error on the line
  • Fix the syntax, or remove or disable the code in question
  • Save and reload the file
  • Please refresh the page

6. Schedule Maintenance Error

If you refresh your site and this message pops up, it’s all right. However, if the process is complete and this message continues, you need to work hard on it. This usually happens because the platform sets itself in maintenance mode during updates.

So to solve this fatal WordPress error through the following process:

  • Connect your server via FTP
  • Delete the .maintenance file.
  • Find any errors in the serach.php and index .php template files.

7. Connection Time Out Error

Did you know that the average execution time for a WordPress site cannot be surpassed by more than 5 sec?

The following error appears on the screen. This error usually occurs if the site is attempting to do more than the server’s capacity. 

This is how to resolve this issue:

Deactivate one by one all plugins

  • Turn to the WordPress Twenty Sixteen Style default
  • Increasing the memory cap in wp-config.php:
  • To do this, put the following line code at the end of your wp-config.php file:
  • Increase the maximum runtime of your php.ini file

With this you can repair this fatal error with ease.

8. Sidebar below the main content

Often your sidebar moves below the main content from its unusual position .Yeah, this is weird, and it’s going to  look awkward. So, you’ve got to repair this.

This problem occurs when an error occurs in your HTML THEME OR CSS code. So, if you’ve made recent updates or improvements to your theme, consider reverting them back to its original form. To fully overcome this fatal WordPress error, look at:

  • Leftover tags
  • Incorrect margins in CSS
  • To solve this issue faster, try the W3C Markup Validation Service; it would help you find the error faster.

9. Image Upload Error

There may be moments when your picture can appear improper after you have uploaded it. Have you ever come across such a problem?

This happens when-

  • Your account is being hacked
  • Or the plugin accidentally rewrites your permission

That is how to fix this problem

  • Update the permissions of the file.
  • Deactivate plugins, mainly plugins that optimize images.
  • Increasing the memory limitations of your PHP and WordPress platform.
  • Delete the file path from the Media Settings page.
  • Test to see if the PHP version you ‘re using is causing problems.
If the problem of uploading an image exists with only one file:
  • Please rename the picture.
  • Decrease the resolution of the image.

10. Failed Auto Upgrade Error

There are times when your auto-upgrade feature fails. An alert may appear on your screen that the update has failed, or a black screen might appear that does not indicate any information. In addition, a PHP error message might even appear.

This error is due to the following reasons-

  • Bad connection with the WordPress main file
  • Issue with your connection to the internet during the upgrade
  • Invalid file permission

The first two problems can be resolved immediately, but if you want to change the permission of the file, click-Change the permission of the file


WordPress is a fantastic forum, but nothing is flawless. Issues occur, but when there are solutions, there is no concern. So, if you have any of these issues, don’t worry!

WordPress has therefore also provided its users with a solution to these problems. Within this article, we’ve listed the most popular WordPress errors along with their problems and solutions.

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