Ozlon Develops Revolutionary Website For Ty Cobb (Former White House Council)

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“Widely renowned as one of the leading white collar, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement, and congressional investigations lawyers around the world, Ty Cobb has decided to move forward with Ozlon to develop his website.”

CEO of Ozlon says “It definitely was a pleasure creating such a robust website for such a great guy. We met, he asked us for him do somethings for him marketing wise and we made sure we delivered. Really excited to serve more clients just like him”


Ty Cobb was the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Maryland Disctrict of 1981-86. He was a partner at Hogan Lovells in Washington, D.C . From July 2017 to May 2018 he was a member of the Trump Administration Legal Team.

Cobb worked as a law clerk for a federal judge and U.S. Assistant attorney for the Maryland District in 1981-86 based in Baltimore as chief of the criminal division and head of the region’s drug enforcement as well as of organized crime task force. He then joined Hogan & Hartson two years later who now became Hogan Lovells. 

In an independent investigation into the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the 1990s Cobb acted as a special trial attorney. 

Cobb was also the part of the White House internal Legal Team and had to report directly to President Trump

Due to his high visibility and possible implications of each of his representations, he has appeared on “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation,” CNN and FOX.

Designing Ty Cobb’s Website

Ozlon’s team of experienced website designers and developers has been building its portfolio of professional websites for years, from major multi-partner law firms to independent law firms. Ozlon understands the needs of the consumer for user-friendly, creative websites that customize its niche marketing domain.

The Ozlon website design team was delighted to be approached by Attorney Ty Cobb to design his website, with hundreds of law firms’ websites under our belt. Cobb, a leading US lawyer with over 35 years of business experience, has entrusted the design of his website to Ozlon to be up-to – date and provide enhanced functionality. Supported by his ranking and shifting testimonials from former customers, the website introduces Cobb himself. Visitors will learn about Cobb ‘s main areas of practice, meet him, read more testimonials, and keep up to date on the news page by clicking on the site. To request a free summary of the case, each page is anchored by a call for action.

You represent your clients in the courts the best you can, as a lawyer. Shouldn’t the best representation of your practice be on your website? Our client, Ty Cobb, thought so, and he hired the best to make it happen in the web design industry. 

For the last 1 month, we have been working with Cobb and we have understood their needs and the need to create a website. By putting our effort into how to increase his online presence, which could have an invaluable impact on his company, we mention every detail about him, whether it was his experience or his achievements / awards.

The Ozlon team began by creating a lively homepage with multiple calls for action, taking into account Cobb’s desire to create an appealing online image of all the advantages and facilities for its clients. The home page offers many ways for visitors to get interested, including testimonials, standardized pricing, and a stream of recent blog posts. A graphical overview of facilities and clearly identified pricing rates offers all the basic information for prospective customers to decide whether they are interested in checking the room.

Check Out Ty Cobb Website

This website needed to clearly communicate some important information, and it had to be simple to navigate. The final design of the site was very satisfied with our customer, it had a straightforward brief and we were able to create an excellent website that met the customer’s requirements. 

From the moment they land on the site, we build websites that welcome visitors, giving them the best experience and encouraging them to make a phone call and ask for more. Helping you make the connection is our work. In order to connect with your clients, we design every feature on your website, from the way a button looks to the proper use of typography, space, and color. Driven by our unwavering passion for excellence, through user experience analysis and page-by-page audits, we continuously improve your site ‘s functionality.

How We Create A Super Awesome Website

In every aspect of developing their web presence, we want our customers to be involved. This is how we will make sure that the end product meets them. Your first call will be with the company owner, where you will discuss your overall goals and the agreement. For all our staff, including the writing, design , social media, and SEO teams, there will then be a conference call. This call helps us assess your voice, your vision, your tone, and the overall personality of the organization.

We will start designing your website, paying particular attention to color schemes, models, and typography using your input on visual tone and aesthetics. We will also collect any existing assets (logos, photos , videos, content, etc.) that you want us to use on your site. The content of the site will be researched and planned by the writing team. Lastly, we will make your website a mockup / prototype and send it to you for approval. We want to keep our customers involved as well.

We will give it to our coding team when we find out that you are pleased with the design and content of your website. The process of coding is very important to the success of your website on the Internet. Websites that are badly written may have sluggish page speeds and load speeds and may not be open to search engines. By “crawling” the content of the web and uploading the related information to be processed by engine algorithms, search engines work. The page that is incorrectly indexed does not crawl as hard.

The site will undergo numerous inspections, testing, and final polishing once the coding has been completed. We will launch your redesigned site on the Worldwide Web once we have obtained your final approval. We will start monitoring its output from this point, keeping an eye on heat maps, scroll maps, click monitoring, and other methodologies. When they get there, we can also test how often your site is visited and how users behave. In order to optimize your ranking and performance levels, this will allow us to make the necessary adjustments.

Ozlon has a strong passion for its efficacy, and with efficiency in mind, all of our websites are developed and constructed. We’re not just building websites, we’re building websites that convert into leads, sales, calls, and clients. 

Via engaging page templates and a popular call to action, we have guided thousands of leads to our clients. Not only is your website a marketing tool for your company, but also a leading generator that takes you right to your doorstep with professional traffic.

Creating A Website With Ozlon Is An Easy Process

Web Development

We perform extensive research to understand market trends, competition and target markets in order to create design ideas that stand out online.

Web Design

By developing conventional and customized online solutions that fulfill specific business goals, we can bring any concept to life with years of experience.

Application Integration

Without affecting the current site ‘s efficiency and end-user experience, we can integrate any kind of web service and API.

Website Maintenance

We are always here for you with an enterprise-grade network and 24/7 assistance anytime you need us to improve or update your current website and keep it up and running.

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