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The Content Conversion Code

Our Unique Approach to Creating Content That Actually Converts

At Ozlon Digital Marketing, we strongly believe that to do something right, you must give it all you have; unless you’re donating blood, when it’s okay not to give it everything you have.

Our 5 Step Process to Content Writing

Take a look below for the simple process of our industry standard best practiced approach



Establish Goals

Analyze Current Situation

Create Customer Avatars

Develop Lead Generation and Nurturing Strategy

Develop Content Calendar



Develop Positioning Guide

Optimize Website Content

Align Existent Collateral

Develop New Collateral



Consistent Blogging/Content

Social Media Content Creation

Content Promotion via Paid Media



Develop Lead Generation Assets

Engage Leads via Automated E-Mail Marketing

Engage Leads via E-Mail Marketing Promotions



Capture Your Targeted Audience

Provide On-Going Maintenance

Create Company Culture


Here’s why you should choose us for your content writing needs:

You essentially cannot neglect the main features of your content marketing strategy and just expect your content to make optimal results, like attract leads which in turn, become paying customers.
This is why we have built the content conversion code system; it’s essentially a comprehensive five step process that will empoyer you to plan a brilliant strategy and position your content, engage with all of your quality prospects and connect with your target audience to attract more leads, as well as delight all your clients so that they keep returning to your business for more.
If you’re fine with achieving below average results because of an inconsitent and incomplete marketing strategy, you should continue with that.
However, if you’re ready to regain control of your marketing strategy so that you can essentially build all your lists, increase conversion rates and produce even more sales for your business, we are here to invite you to take a look at our process and discover what is currently causing your lackluster results.

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