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"Colin Osborne is very skilled at SEO and is very comfortable with complex topics regarding digital marketing. He has a proven record of ranking his customers on the top of Google with ease a powerful combination of skills, and analytical foresight. He is passionate about helping his customers succeed, which is why he gives 100% effort to each and every client. I recommend Colin if you are lucky to sign on with him!"
Roman Jackson
Founder at Culpeper SEO Expert
"Colin is a master at Search Engine Optimization. His strategies and deep understanding of what it takes to rank a website at the top of Google are second to none. Time and again he has 10x growth in the companies he's worked with. If you get a chance to work with Colin, grab it with both hands!"
Marc Day
CEO Digital Marketer and Profit Creator
"Colin is a phenomenal SEO consultant. Using the latest SEO techniques, he routinely ranks business websites #1 for several keywords on Google. The most impressive thing about Colin is his dedication to the client — making sure that they get the traffic results that they want all while ensuring that any and all questions that they have are answered."
Kara Reagan
Search Engine Marketing Consultant at Gold Light Digital Marketing
"Colin is a great person to work with. I believe what separates him from 99% of SEO’s out there is his eagerness to adapt with Google’s changes and stay ahead of the curve to benefit the people he works with. I highly recommend Colin."
Ryan O'Neal
Anchor Pilot
"Colin has demonstrated his knowledge on digital properties ranking. His experience and adaptability are very refreshing as he always go to the extra mile and over delivers. I highly recommend Colin to anyone who is serious about SEO work"
Nancy Keller
SEO Specialist for Unicornfly
"Colin is a true professional, results driven SEO specialist. His passion to serve his clients and his execution of SEO will bring your business to the next level. One of the best in the industry, highly recommended!"
Jorge Lafosse
SEO Expert - Social Media Marketing - Website Design
"Majority of our work takes place remotely, working with Ozlon has been seamless and very easy to coordinate. Our industry is always changing and with so many moving parts it helps us a lot being able to focus on our core essentials and to be able to work with Colin and their team. They stay on top of online search best practices and makes sure we, along with our clients are getting the most of their online marketing budgets. Our campaigns have seen an increase both in local search visibility and new prospect inquiry. Drop them a line and find out how they can help grow your business today!?"
Gil Palencia Canlas
Online Marketig
"Colin Osborne from Ozlon Digital Marketing Agency is the one I to go to for advice and direction when I am stuck with an SEO issue. He has an instant like-ability and is a very knowledgeable SEO strategist. He’s results driven, devoted to his clients and treats them with respect and integrity. I have a very high degree of respect for him. His performance speaks for itself and I would highly recommend his services any day. It will be a big gain to your competition if you just brush him aside..."
Andy Bradbury
Business Owner at SEO Andy Bradbury
"Colin has increased my rankings 10 fold with his SEO skills. He employs the latest tactics to help your business reach the top of Google. I highly recommend Colin if you are looking to increase your businesses revenues this year."
Chad Howald
Medical Marketing Expert, SEO, & Rep Marketing
"Colin is a master strategist at SEO, he knows what is to be done to get any business to the first page of Google and other search engines. Rest assured that if you are looking to grow your business and maximize organic traffic then Colin and his agency is the best."
Christopher Collman
Founder & CEO Digital Marketing Agency
"Colin is in every aspect very customer friendly. I have a lot of comparison material and experience in the online world, so I am very critical. Colin not only provides a quality product, but also takes an extra step for the customer. He is very friendly and is open to the customer and to criticism! Overall I had a great experience with him."
Elias Aidoudi
Oprichter bij Naevias Digital Marketing
"Colin is a digital marketing expert. He communicates well and can be trusted. Working with Colin in the past on projects I have found him to be strategic and innovative when it comes dominating the rankings. I recommend Colin because I know he’s able to deliver results."
Alex Silhomme
CEO Red Rhyno Media

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